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A website, how much does it cost?

This question I hear (almost) everyday. And of course, I disappoint those who expect from me an instant and precise answer. I feel it as soon as I start my sentence with “You know, it depends, there are so many parameters, …”.

And yet it is legitimate for any company to evaluate this expense as best as possible.

To help you, rather than give you numbers that do not make sense, I suggest you give the items of possible expenses. Depending on the complexity of your project, some of these expense items may be optional. I will try not to forget anything, if he misses a post, do not hesitate to report it to me in the comments.

Item of expenditure n ° 1: the work of preparation

You will necessarily start by thinking about your objectives, define a strategy, then create a specification that will give you an idea of ​​the size of your site (essential to compare your future estimates). This work, you will lead it alone (it will cost you “only” time) or accompanied by a provider.

Item of expenditure n ° 2: the contents

The creation of the content is an indispensable step (and unfortunately often neglected). Here again you have the choice of the internal or external competence: either you write your texts yourself (in French or in foreign language), make your photos and / or videos, or you can use the services of editors, translators, photographers, … It should be noted that a service provider can also help you, at this stage, to optimize your content for SEO.

Item of expenditure n ° 3: the domain name

You can read this free guide for reminder.

Item 4: the legal aspect

Depending on the complexity of your site (especially if it is an online store), it is sometimes prudent to validate its Terms and Conditions and other clauses by a lawyer specialized in e-commerce.

Item 5: graphic design and webdesign

The cost may vary if you have a visual identity and a graphic charter (the webdesigner will work on a declination) or if you have to start from scratch (he will have to create a graphic universe).

Item of expenditure n ° 6: the hosting of the site (annual cost)

Item of expenditure n ° 7: the technical cost

Once the model of the site is validated, it will be necessary to move to the technical phase (development, integration, programming, optimization of the site for mobile, … depending on the type of site and needs).

Item of Expenditure No. 8: Training

If you want a little autonomy to animate and administer your site yourself, do not forget the essential half-day or training day. This cost can be paid for by your OPCA if you choose a trainer recognized by the Labor Department and this training is added to the training plan of the company.

Item of expenditure n ° 9: the launch cost

Your site is created and this is only the beginning! To make it known, you will have to set up a communication action. You can do it alone with your means or choose to be accompanied by a professional.

Item of expenditure n ° 10: animation costs

A website must live! New content, promotion, news, games, emailing, social networks, … you will spend time necessarily and sometimes call on external providers.

Item of expenditure n ° 11: maintenance

It is prudent to inquire about this before choosing the provider (what are its prices? For what types of interventions? Is it an hourly cost or a fixed price? …).

In order to quantify your website project, it is important to know how you position yourself on each of its positions.

This article is complementary to the one on the stages of the creation of a website.

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