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In the mobile search, users encountered text ads in the Carousel. Is this a test of the search engine? And how effective could the format be?

The advertisements in the SERPs give advertisers a big promise in terms of performance, since users can hardly avoid these ads. In addition, the indicator with the new layout is less noticeable than before. Now SEMrush has pointed out that Google could test mobile text ads in carousel format. This promises more visibility for more brands. But does the conversion suffer?

Text Ads spotted as Carousel
In a tweet, the SEO provider SEMrush indicates that in the mobile search with the request “xfinity” a Carousel ad episode has emerged. The individual ads were text ads. This phenomenon has not yet been available on Google.

Now the question arises whether Google is currently testing the option. The carousel ads are also known from other platforms such as Facebook, where various visuals and text modules can be integrated into such a display. Google also includes Carousel Ads, for example for cars; and last year the format for shopping ads was tested, as reported by The SEM Post among others. But a so-called carousel with different text ads to a specific search term is new to the users.

From Google, there are no details so far. The possibilities that go along with the principle are clear. Google can accommodate more ads in the SERPs without overloading them at first glance. In addition, the search for more diversity in search results would be reflected in this way even in the area of ​​paid results. For the user, this could prove to be advantageous. And Google would have additional advertising income associated with it; because such a placement in Carousel should not be quite cheap. However, users fear that the CTR and the conversions might suffer. This can happen quickly in carousel formats.

Nonetheless, placement in such a format might be promising for some brands because it may be better than no placement in the SERPs. But whether such an offer for advertisers will come at all is far from over. Because Google is testing many options. However, these text ads as carousels seem to fit very well into the mobile SERP environment.

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