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Crowd marketing for brand is a new technology for promoting services, products and brands on the Internet through recommendations to interested users at any venues where the target audience actively communicates. These are high-quality posts on forums, on social networks, on Q / A services.

A simple example: There is a beauty salon website, which tells in detail about the procedures and offers to make an appointment. There is a forum in the same region as the salon where cosmetic procedures are discussed and reviews are asked where to go to the reception. We register the profile on the forum, pump it over and under the guise of a regular user leave the partisan post with a positive feedback about the salon and a link to the page where you can sign up for a consultation.

Crowd brand marketing or not?

Most online stores, article writers, blogs, websites with regional services, business cards and landing pages with solutions – this is all exactly in need of crowd and it will work fine.

Products for a narrow niche, with a huge average check and without active discussion on the Internet are not good for crowd-based campaigns. Promoting tower cranes on forums and advising a $ 50,000 system for Q / A CRM for the sake of capturing Central Asia is not the best idea, but doing all this for SEO links and brand pumping is quite possible.

Pros of crowd marketing for a brand

Three simple buns that no popular marketing strategy gives in a complex:

Increases crowd brand awareness and credibility. Powerful weapon to help SERM specialist. Attracts targeted visitors to the site. Click on the links in the posts, google on a familiar brand on.

Significantly improves the site reference profile. Bold thematic and natural links from the visited resources will perfectly dilute the reference mass or even form its reliable basis.

Where to leave your comment?

yes or no

Forums Up to 90% of all crowd-postings take place on the forums. A huge choice of sites, there is an audience, you can make maneuvers and apply different strategies. Blogs and article writers. Not as cool as forums – a smaller set of sites with open commenting with links, it is difficult to make samples + high competition. Q / A services. It works great, you can put the placement on the stream, independently formulate questions and give answers to them. Strong minus – available to accommodate the site can be counted on the fingers.

Soc. network. A special level of crowd marketing, which confidently develops into an independent niche format. Requires a large number of procured verified and active accounts, as well as time and special tools for monitoring mentions.

Pledge of successful crowd campaigns

Proper selection of resources. Read how having your own clustered on topics and regions of the base, the ability to effectively google at the mentions and knowledge of what tools endow life. You always need to know on which site you can leave the post and what kind of post will be moderated (with a link, with a mention, with a picture or no one at all). We picked up the wrong resource = lost time = negatively “flashed” the brand.

Bleeding profiles. Normal nicknames and profile descriptions, avatars and simple (no crowd, no links) messages in other forum threads, reputation and likes of posts – that’s all. The better the profile is pumped up – the higher the confidence in posts from it.

Automated crowd definitely will not work.

Manual placement. Automated crowd definitely will not work. You need to manually select a topic, read the content, enter into a dialogue with users and so on. Long, monotonous, but quite justified.

Adequate hidden offer. “Help with advice”, “I bought in the section” or “Buy here” does not work anymore and is immediately marked as spam. It is necessary to include ingenuity, give advice, leave recommendations, give a pack of references to the choice and comparison – act according to circumstances.

Post-moderation, endurance and guarantees.

Post-moderation, endurance and guarantees. Often there is a situation when you posted a post, and other participants of the discussion responded to it, asked a couple of questions or asked to paint something in more detail – this is very cool and definitely worth continuing the discussion, even if there is already a post with a link and “work done.” There may be negative options, saying that the link / post has been deleted – you also need to process, try to edit or re-post.

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