Our Digital Marketing Solutions

E-Commerce solution

Do you want to drive more traffic to your site and make your customers stay? We can offer you the best tools in the Industry to help you succeed and make your site stick throughout the customer life-cycle process.

Looking for custom e-Commerce solutions that can integrate seamlessly with your online operations?

Mediadigitalagency sources the best solutions from shopping carts to Content and Customer Management Systems and Affiliate Software Solutions (including bespoke options).

Full Spectrum Affiliate Marketing

Covering all aspects of performance based marketing from outsourcing the right software solution to implementation and strategy of your affiliate business right down to managing your entire affiliate portfolio. MDA manages the daily operations of thousands of affiliate partners across many countries with multiple product vendors and sophisticated back and front end solutions. We help you build a solid foundation with a competitive edge and superior knowledge of best practices. Whilst providing insight information on affiliate partners want & needs in an ever evolving dynamic market place. MDA has worked across Affiliate Networks and 3rd Party traffic providers in Europe and South Africa. MDA can offer you solid guidance on compensation plans and structuring affiliate networks from recruitment, to payouts and fraud control and detection.

Recruitment of Affiliate Partners

Recruiting good affiliate partners is not an easy task. Affiliate acquisitions are getting more and more competitive, get connected fast and have access to thousands of partners by using our networking skills and valuable personal relationships.

Search Engine Marketing

MDA offers experience and excellence in the field of search engine marketing. Also known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) we can help you achieve those all important rankings in the top pages of search engines; resulting in increased traffic volumes of the highest quality. A well structured search marketing campaign coupled with our online affiliate marketing can do wonders for your overall online marketing campaign.

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Media Buying & trafficking and Ad Serving & Display Advertising

Choosing who to advertise with and achieve the best possible return is a very important decision to make. You need to be highly analytical and be able to interpret your campaigns at an early stage in order to optimise and measure results. We help you take care of your media buying and take out the jargon of key online metrics.

Web Design and 3D Animation

Whatever the size or type of your business, we can design a website which reflects your brand, communicates to your customers. We are a team of experienced and talented web designers who enjoy designing great looking and well thought out websites. We build all of our websites to search engine friendly standards. The key focus is ease of use and functionality.

MDA only using the very best software and systems when we are building our websites, we can ensure that every site meets the highest industry standards, and always works the way it should for your business.

3D Visualisations or renders are created using architectural plans within a three dimensional modelling software. The results are Photo real images which remain dimensionally accurate and gives a real life like viewpoint into designs. Animation is created by changing the angle or position of an object little at a time over multiple frames, so when played back it gives the illusion of movement.

Landing page optimisation & Usability testing

We help you get the maximum return from your website traffic. You only get once chance to make that all important impression on your customers. Why not turn leads into sales? We can make your site fun, easy to use and relevant. Essential must have’s when promoting your website are strategic colors, look&feel, attractive well written content, web browser compatibility, user experience&satisfaction and navigation.