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Google launches its new online storage service called Google Drive.

Google users could already store their files for free in the cloud:

  • on Google Docs (office file): 1 Giga max
  • on Gmail (attachments): 10 Gigas max
  • on Picassa (photos): 1 Gig max

Today, you can add 5 Gigas (text files, images, photos, videos, …) in Google Drive, the famous new storage space.

The first good news is that Google documents and files converted to Google Docs format are not deducted from your Google Drive storage. So it’s really extra space that is available.

Here are some features of Google Drive

  • Permanent access by the owner of the account
  • Synchronization
  • Ability to open, from your space, HD videos, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files, even if the corresponding program is not installed on your computer
  • Possibility of sharing on Google +
  • Search archived documents by keywords, filters, …
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature that allows you to download a scanned document (via a scanner for example) whose text content will be recognized
  • Multiple compatibility: Mac, PC but also Android tablets and soon iPad thanks to the Drive application

So much for the free version. You can of course switch at any time to the paid version.

Google paid services

This online backup service looks good, but some will still ask about the security of data or the potential recovery by Google.

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